Kawasaki STX-15F

Easy to Ride

This machine was designed for the intermediate and beginner rider. Easy to steer and accelerate.

3 Passengers

You can get up to 3 full grown adults on this machine and still have the power to get around quickly.


These machines have all the power you could want. Top speeds avg around 60 mph.

Can Pull Riders

If you are looking to pull a tube or a wakeboarder this machine has the power to provide a great rider for everyone.

Kids Speed

Our machines come with special keys that limit how fast your kids can go. If you are looking for safety this is the machine for you.


On top of all the other amazing features this machine can also go backwards. Helping in tight spots and for trailering the machine.

Rent One today

No matter your skill level or what type of group you have these machines are perfect for everyone.